BARAMINTEC Co., ltd. is an innovation company in creating comfortable and
healthy indoor environments through high technical skills and manufacture of
premium equipment and providing safety from fire, water & hazardous gas in sudden accident,

We are with you anytime and anywhere.

Since its foundation in 2012, BARAMINTEC Co., Ltd. has been making every effort to present solutions for the engineering and supply of related HVAC equipment in the marine and offshore, onshore field.

BARAMINTEC Co., Ltd. has been striving to improve product quality and develop new products under the philosophy of securing competitiveness to compete with the world by maximizing corporate value through technology development and innovation and implementing a trusted company. BARAMINTEC Co., Ltd. presents all solutions to the air conditioning system, chemical & air filtration system, fire & watertight dampers and ventilator materials required by domestic and overseas shipyards.

Based on a consistent philosophy for quality management and confidence in quality management capabilities, we will continue to strive to become the constant company in focus of our customers satisfaction, trust, highest technology and quality,

We promise to stand out as a representative company in the world as a trusted partner leading the way with qualitative competitiveness


We are looking for
talented people to join us

BARAMINTEC strives to foster a supportive, encouraging and inclusive environment to provide programs, resources for professional and personal development opportunities