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Industrial & HVAC Service

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HVAC is all about regulating your environment, regardless of the space design, to guarantee that you are always comfortable.

The HVAC system is more than just controlling the temperature. Air movement and exchange is also critical to regulating air quality, including smells and dampness as well as allergens and pollutants or gases. Ventilation is the other key component.

Your industrial, or institutional project can be controlled by Baramintec’s team of HVAC specialists and experts.

Need a new HVAC system?

We can design, manufacture, install, repair, and maintain your industrial HVAC system at Baramintec.

Our vendor relationships and experience enable us to deliver heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services to fit any budget.

Our interdisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals will collaborate with you to assess your needs, answer your issues, and create a solution that is right for you.

high-efficiency service

We can help with

We offer industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning products and services

Air Flow Design

Design, build, service and maintain your HVAC / mechanical systems

Preventative maintenance

Proactive and predictive maintenance programs benefit from on-time replacements, retrofits, and expansions.

Diagnostic assessment

Scan of thermostats, electric connections, and all moving parts to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Temperature control solutions

We are familiar with all makes and models to accommodate your company’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Air balancing

Each room receives an appropriate amount of conditioned air to ensure maximum comfort.

Energy efficiency

Our team uses only the best and particularly low-noise drive components

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We offer industrial & commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning products and services. Contact us today to discuss available HVAC services in your area.