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Offshore Air Control

The World’s No.1 Marine Air Conditioning Company,
BARAMINTEC’s Main Goal is Creating New Value in
HAVC system engineering and equipment in Offshore,
Onshore, commercial vessel and special ship.

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Offshore facilities and vessels have a strong need
for ventilation and exhaust replenishment systems
to provide clean and fresh air.

Air Quality at Everyday Environment

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The Marine HVAC system is more than just controlling the temperature. Air movement and exchange is also critical to regulating air quality, including smells and dampness as well as allergens and pollutants or gases. Ventilation is the other key component.

Marine Air Conditioner

Keep the building occupants cozy with high quality air.

Filtration System

Committed to providing the industry's best air filtration products


Design & Manufacture industrial and heavy-duty dampers


Replaces the stale, recirculated air inside with fresh, filtered air

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We Pride Ourselves On The Development And Development Of Sustainable Technologies And Are Constantly Improving Our Environmental And Social Impact.

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We offer the most efficient and the greenest options for industrial HVAC

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Our team uses only the best and particularly low-noise drive components

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We offer a wide range of high quality heaters and conditioning supplies


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