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Marine Air Conditioner

Build performance, reliability and flexibility into your custom marine air handler solution. BARAMINTEC provides advanced technology and custom features in streamlined, easy-to-install packages.
Air Conditioning units are available to handle Marine & Offshore applications.

Packaged Air Conditioner

Type: Water Cooled Type / Air Cooled Type / Duct & Grille Supply

Product Features
  • Capacity : 1~20USRT
  • Duct / Grille Supply Unit
  • Sea Water/Fresh Water Cooled Type
  • Washable foam filter / more high efficiency filter (PM1.0/2.5/10)
  • Variable air flow Ventilation fan by controlling EC motor
  • Split Air Cooled Type
  • Electric Heater / Humidifying
  • Coil : Copper Tube/Al Fin / Cooper Fin / Corrosion resistance coating
  • Casing material : Steel with paint, Stainless steel 304/316L

The Packaged Air Conditioner is all components fully installed and factory assembled.


The Packaged Air Conditioner is all components fully installed and factory assembled.


BARAMINTEC provides compact all-in-one air conditioning systems for limited space in the vessel like a patrol ship. Compact all-in-one unit give available in a variety of capacity, and can be used several type of small space for the perfect indoor air conditioning.

Deck Unit type Air Conditioner


BARAMINTEC produces a comprehensive range of seawater, freshwater or air-cooled units and also other tailored made unit to meet all owner’s requirement of the marine, oil and gas, navy and process industries.

System Air Conditioner


Marine Applicable System Air Conditioner

BARAMINTEC proposes replacement of the SS316L casing, And apply VCI coating of condenser coil for marine and offshore application. In addition, we provide several options for marine application such as additional drain pump and drain cover plate in ceiling type of indoor unit to avoid overflowing drain water during rolling or pitching of ship sailing. Junction Box of the IP66 grade.




Client satisfaction

System Air Conditioner can be used various types of indoor units with one of outdoor unit. Low power consumption and high efficiency of the cooling and heating performance can be meet customer’s needs.

Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit (AHU) is used to re-condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system. The basic function of the AHU is to take in outside air, re-condition it and supply it as fresh air to a building.

The AHU is consisted of ventilation fan for supply and exhaust, air filter, heating coil, humidifier, cooling coil, water eliminator, sound attenuators, mixing chamber and volume control dampers.

CASTING• Single or double skinned panels made of galvanized steel/stainless steel with thermal insulation
• Air tight removable panels and doors
DAMPER• Manual or motorized volume control dampers for intake, return & supply air
FILTER• 1 Stage PM10 Grade washable foam filter
• 2 Stage PM1.0~2.5 Grade Medium/Final disposal type Filter

• Cooling/Heating Coils
• Copper tube with aluminum fins or Copper Fin
• Cooling medium : Refrigerants or Chilled water
• Heating medium : Hot water or steam, Electric

HUMIDIFIER• Humidification method : Fresh water spray / Electric steam generator
WATER ELIMINATOR• EN13030 Certified ABS blade / Stainless steel blade
• 100 % water separation efficiency at velocities below 4.0m/s
FAN• Centrifugal type with double inlet/Plug Fan
• V-belt or direct coupling driven
MOTOR• IP-55/56 protection
• Minimum IE 1 efficiency / EC Motor
• 380V/440V x 50/60Hz
Condensing Unit
Cooling Capacity20~600RT
Compressor TypeHermetic/Semi-Hermetic/Open/Reciprocating/Screw type
RefrigerantR404A, R407C, R417A, R134a
Cooling MediumSea water cooled / Fresh water cooled / Air Cooled
CondenserShell & Tube Heat Exchanger / Plate Fin & Tube

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