about us

innovation company in creating
comfortable and healthy indoor environments

about us


BARAMINTEC Co., ltd. is an innovation company in creating comfortable and healthy
indoor environments through high technical skills and manufacture of premium equipment and providing safety from fire, water & hazardous gas in sudden accident.

BARAMINTEC has been providing relevant all of HVAC system engineering and equipment in Offshore, Onshore, commercial vessel and special ship. We continue to keep a high quality and developing optimized product to meet client requirement.

Together with us, we can guide and help you choose the right equipment to meet your needs.  

was founded in 2012

design and supply of HVAC equipment
for the marine and offshore and onshore fields.

BARAMINTEC Co., Ltd. has all the answers to the air conditioning system, chemical and air filtration system, fire and watertight dampers, and ventilator materials that shipyards in Japan and around the world need.

As long as we have a consistent quality management philosophy and have faith in our ability to manage quality, we will keep trying to be the company that always puts our customers’ needs first.

In the world, we promise to be a trusted partner who leads the way with high-quality competitiveness.



4-core values


BARAMINTEC is ready to respond to your requirement in anytime and anywhere


Our aim is to increase customer satisfaction, build trust, and continue to grow and develop.


Industrial facilities have a strong need for ventilation and exhaust replenishment systems to replace existing building air with clean, fresh air.