Volume Control Damper

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Volume control damper

Model no: PVD, EVD, MVD

BARAMINTEC volume control dampers are used to balance airflow rates in high pressure ductwork. 

Dampers meet international standards for rectangular and round ducts. 

In the open position, the blades face the direction of flow and do not cause a significant pressure loss. 

The volume control dampers is used as a balancing damper in applications where reliability is important. 

The volume control dampers can be offered with powered actuators for modulating control with either electric or pneumatic position actuators that can be connected at the control system for closed loop control.

Technical Data

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Model no.


Minimum Size 100W x 100H x 200~300D mm
Maximum Size 2800W x 2800H x 200~300D mm

Stainless Steel 304/316L / Galvanised Steel / Carbon Steel


Pneumatic / Electric / Manual

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