Non-Return Damper

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Non-return damper

Model no : NRD

BARAMINTEC non-return dampers are used in offshore and marine applications to prevent backflow through ventilation ductwork system.

The non-return dampers do not need an actuator or motor. Non-return dampers can be installed in rectangular or circular ducts, horizontally or vertically. If required, they can easily be set by adjusting the weight of each damper/installation. When the blades are in the open position, the device does not cause significant pressure loss, noise or flow disturbance. 

Technical Data

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Model no.


Minimum Size

100W x 100H x 200~300D mm

Maximum Size

2800W x 2800H x 200~300D mm

Blade action



Stainless Steel 304/316L / Galvanised Steel / Carbon Steel


Weight kit / Spring Balancing Mechanism


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